Welcome To Achilles Consulting

Achilles Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in management consulting and technology services for the industries. Our team comprises of individuals with rich domain experience grounded in systems and technology knowledge, and we help our client achieve significant productivity gains and improve business performance by aligning technology with business needs. Unlike other consultancies or IT vendors, we take an integrated view of business processes and IT solutions. This involves making full use of the latest technology that suits business needs, and designing processes that make business sense. This bridge the gap between technology and business, resulting in maximum business gains for every technology dollar spent.

Achilles is trusted by clients to deliver sound and insightful recommendations and technological implementations based on rigorous, fact-based application of business tools that include business process management, lean thinking, six sigma, supply chain management, warehouse/inventory management, production management, aggregate planning, project management, and decision support systems. Achilles is well-versed in business process reengineering across a wide range of industries, particularly in a project driven environment.

We take pride in our superior grasp of latest technologies available in the market, and aim to partner and develop best in breed products to serve the needs of the domain industry we focus on. Our value proposition and measurable deliverables help us secure contracts from leading players in several industries such as ship building, oil & gas, food manufacturing, logistics and financial services. With strong operation, process and technology know-how, our differentiating factors lies in our ability to understand, optimize and improve business performance using technology as a critical enabler within a short time frame.

Driven by the motivation to use new and innovative ways to solve old problems and new challenges, we pride ourselves as the agent of change in our mission to translate advanced technology and solutions for better business!



Achilles provide flexible and scalable manpower outsourcing and talents on demand solutions to meet your organisation’s needs in the following areas:

JDE|SAP|Microsoft|Web Development|Project Management|Supply Chain Professionals|IT Professionals



Business Process Reengineering Companies have turned to reengineering as the response to being customer focused, given the rise in the shift from a producer controlled market (supply push) to a customer ruled market (demand pull). Companies are more attuned to



Over the years, Achilles has consulted for and worked closely with many information systems and products. With our solid consulting and system implementation track record, we are proud to represent and partner with the following products to better serve our