Autoship Systems Corporation provides leading-edge software solutions for two broad categories of marine industries: the vessel design and construction industry, and the marine shipping industry. Autoship products are in use by thousands of marine businesses on every continent around the world. We are pleased to be an Autoship partner that provides complete pre-sales, sales and post-sales support, including software training.

Autoship uses object-oriented programming to create its world-leading suite of CAD/CAM software: Autoship 10, Autohydro 6.4, Autopower 3.1, Autoplate 10, Autostructure 3.2 and Production Manager 3. Autoship’s software makes ship design easy and efficient by using the same Autoship Project File for the entire design process. Autoship software is very widely used by shipyards and naval architecture offices around the world. Autoship Systems also offers state-of-the-art load planning software. The Autoload suite consists of a type-approved stability monitor and modules for cargo planning for every vessel type. The software is ideal for use on board or in the office and can even be integrated with the booking system used by the office.

Our full line of marine CAD/CAM software assists naval architects and builders in the design and construction of vessels from yachts and pleasure craft to large ships. Designers use the flagship CAD/CAM product, called Autoship, to design the vessel hull. Autopower is used to determine resistance and powering requirements. Autohydro is used for stability and strength assessment, while Autoplate takes care of the plate expansion process. Autostructure is used to design the internal structure of the vessel. The shell and structure files are all convertible to AutoCAD™ files, for further design work. Our clients then use Production Manager for nesting parts and stock management.

With these products, Autoship Systems offers a complete and integrated software solution for any size of shipyard. By saving on design and engineering time, the time required for communications and data exchange, and by reducing material wastage, our solution can increase productivity by between 40 and 50 percent.

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Autoship – hull design/surface modelling program combines the graphic user interface of Windows with dexterity of NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) mathematics, the high-end CAD standard for surface modelling.

Autohydro – a complete hydrostatics and stability calculations program for naval architects, ship designers and marine engineers.

Autopower – resistance and power prediction program providing the designer with twelve resistance prediction methods suitable for displacement vessels, planing vessels, semi-displacement vessels and catamarans.

The Autostructure Group – includes Autostructure for vessel structure modelling, Production Manager for nesting and other production support, and AutoPLANT, for piping design.

Autoplate – automates calculations required for the expansion of both developable and non-developable plates.

– organizes costs by a work breakdown structure that can be cross-related to construction work types such as hull, equipment, piping, electrical, paint and more.